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We hope that you truly enjoy these exercises, they have been wonderfully useful for us.

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The Self Identification Exercise.

This is one of the main exercises used in Psychosynthesis and was devised by Roberto Assagioli to help people get in touch with the “self”, the “soul”, to realise that we are each a soul a “centre of pure consciousness”.
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The Rose Exercise.

This beautiful exercise was created by Roberto Assagioli to help people visualize their true potential.
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Meeting the Wise Old Person

This is the technique or exercise of meeting the Wise Old Person. It is an exercise in using our intuition, contacting our own inner-tutor, our inner therapist.

The exercise is much more than mere fantasy. The wise person functions as a vibrant and effective symbol of the Self.

Contacting the Wise Person enables us to contact its healing, life-giving, illuminating energy. As Pierro Ferrucci says “we are contacting the Self and the Self is the best therapist”.

This exercise is suited for all occasions, but can particularly useful in certain special moments, when for example: We are facing an important choice. We are in crisis. We think that nobody understands us. We want to tap our inner wisdom. We feel lonely. We are ready for a change. We want a free session.

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