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The Psychosynthesis One-Year
Personal and Professional Development Course

At The Centre for Soul Psychology, we have developed a one-year course that examines the theoretical teachings of Psychosynthesis and Soul Psychology, as well as including practical exercises, visualisations and inner-work. The course is designed for both personal and professional development.

Who will benefit from the course?

  • If you have chosen the spiritual path in life or are seeking the spiritual path, the course will enhance your spiritual experiences by deepening your understanding and experience of the subject matter. We use many practical models and theoretical education. In addition, the integrated meditative and visualization exercises will aid in expanding your spiritual perception.
  • If you want to bring spirituality into your life from a psycho-spiritual perspective (spirituality which includes psychology); the teachings will not only clarify the choices on this psycho-spiritual path but also give you a great amount of "hands on" personal experience.
  • If you are already working as a guide, practitioner or therapist, in any field, the teachings of Roberto Assagioli’s theories, methods and models will help you recognize the interconnectedness of all therapies and systematic belief patterns. The course will give you a solid and practical framework for working with others.

This course also integrates other methodologies such as Jungian work, Gestalt practices, the work of the Institute of Heart Math, the theory and practice of intention, as well as teachings from many other spiritual practices. The course will give you many tools that can be easily integrated into your personal and professional life.

Although the course is not training for therapists, there is a continual emphasis on counseling and communication skills. The passing on of guiding and councelling experience will be invaluable to anyone involved in or wishing to become involved in coaching or mentoring.

This is a very practical course and it will give you a great understanding of spiritual perspectives in a straightforward, understandable way, without sacrificing the depth of the knowledge. The straight-forward approach to the subjects makes the teachings understandable and meaningful to our modern life and brings great joy.

Previous students of this course have come from all walks of life, including both conventional and complementary medicine practices, television, music, the arts and business. There have also been many school teachers and those who have elected to stay at home and care for their own and other children. People have come from many different ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds with a great variety of spiritual experiences. There, of course, have been people from both genders.

People are accepted on the course on the basis of how they will use the teaching to enhance their own personal and professional lives and their willingness to enhance the wellbeing of others and the planet.

Whilst this course has a solid theoretical background, there are many opportunities for putting the theory into practice such as working and practicing with others and sharing experiences. The work is very deep but because we believe in Learning through Joy - it is also great fun.

All students will be expected to spend some time with a guide in individual sessions. We only take a small number of people on this course.

We understand the great distances some people might have to travel, therefore we are developing “distance learning” aspects of the course using written texts and communications technology. We are also interested in people setting up the courses in their own areas to which we would travel.

The course will primarily be taught in Helsinki but there will be opportunity for weekend residential workshops at beautiful locations.

The course is taught in English with translation for those who need it.

For more information and to apply for a place on the course
email David Ward.
or call +358 50 331 0580.