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Psychosynthesis is a Psychology of
Love, Joy and Hope.

At its most basic level Psychosynthesis or Soul Psychology is a very deep form of personal development. At its higher level it is a most powerful tool for personal and spiritual transformation.

Psychology is by definition the study of the psyche or the soul. The origins of psychology lie in philosophy, theology and literature, but once it was felt that psychology had to prove itself as a science, the emphasis on the inner world of humans was lost in the scientific need for objective measurement of how humans act in the external world.

Psychosynthesis was born in 1910 when the Italian psychiatrist Dr. Roberto Assagioli became dissatisfied with psychoanalysis. Assagioli became an early pioneer of psychoanalysis in Italy. However, he saw that psychoanalysis neglected the healthier and "higher" aspects of human nature.

He sought not only "psycho-analysis," but "psycho-synthesis"--an understanding of how the psyche becomes whole. He felt that there was too much emphasis on pathology and not enough emphasis on what makes people happy and wanting to explore their potential.

Assagioli was a student of philosophical and spiritual traditions of both East and West, and he developed an approach to therapy which would include not only the healing and development of the personality, but contact with the "transpersonal" or spiritual dimension as well. He created a system that took into account our living relationships with other people, nature, and the planet as a whole.

Assagioli hated the word therapist, which has connotations of people in white coats “doing” things to us. He preferred the word guide, meaning that in an ideal world we would all guide each other to be our own best therapists.

Psychosynthesis has had a very powerful effect on the personal development and human potential movement. Many of the techniques used , for example, guided imagery are now in common use.

Assagioli intended Psychosynthesis to be a very open and evolving system. It has continued to evolve and because the emphasis is on growth, potential and integration it is used in many different professions from Education and organisational development to health care, counselling and therapy.